SCMA bestows the Fellow Award to three executives

Supply chain professionals from Enbridge Inc., VersaCold Logistics Services, and Princess Auto receive the honour

March 26, 2018
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TORONTO—Every year the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) recognizes a small number of people and organizations who have made significant contributions to the supply chain field. This year, the organization SCMA welcomes three supply chain leaders who have earned the highest honour bestowed by the association, and are now recognized as Fellows of SCMA: Patrick Etokudo, director, SCM Transformation, Enbridge Inc; Geoff Frodsham, CEO, Princess Auto; and Douglas Harrison, president & CEO, VersaCold Logistics Services.

Patrick Etokudo, director, SCM transformation
SCMA is adding Patrick Etokudo as a Fellow of SCMA for his exemplification of supply chain leadership, integrity and ethics.

Etokudo’s career has seen him evolve supply chain management into a strategic function at Enbridge through category management, governance, and collaborative supplier relationships, and enhanced compliance. He deployed tools and systems at Enbridge to enhance professionalism through training and development, and designed a career ladder and talent pool management system. He also devotes time to coaching and mentoring up-and-coming supply chain professionals and has designed and delivered specialized training for internal staff in niche areas.

Etokudo has created a two-year nascent practice around corporate social responsibility in supply chain management and is being recognized as a thought leader in this area in the industry. He also gives back to his community by volunteering and fundraising for local charities, and in his home country of Nigeria.

Geoff Frodsham, CEO, Princess Auto
This SCMA Fellow award recognizes Geoff Frodsham, for his leadership, focus on team building, dedication to the profession and contributions to his community. Frodsham has achieved success in his career because he challenges his own successes, said SCMA. As CEO of Princess Auto Ltd., Geoff has built a leadership team, builds a culture and connects people to the brand and to the customer experience.

Frodsham spends time coaching others and has taught for the Schulich Executive Education Centre. He volunteers on boards in supply chain and at community events to help local businesses and communities thrive. Geoff is also a member of the Asper MBA Executive Mentor Program where he is currently mentoring his third student through the program.

Douglas Harrison, President and CEO, VersaCold Logistics Services
Awarded to Douglas Harrison, the SCMA Fellow Award recognizes his industry and organizational leadership and his contributions to the profession and to his community. Under his leadership, VersaCold has evolved from a cold storage company to an advanced supply chain solutions company. VersaCold has also become the largest provider of temperature sensitive supply chain solutions in Canada, the fourth largest in North America, and one of the top ten globally.

Harrison has established several sustainability programs that tackle the reduction of GHG emissions and eliminating food loss. VersaCold also powers its head office with Bull Frog Power and partners with Food Banks Canada to ensure the delivery of safe, quality food to families across Canada.