Ricoh Canada launches e-Invoice and payment service

Users can leverage Ricoh's expertise in business process outsourcing, business information scanning centres and strategic partnerships

January 3, 2017
Purchasing B2B

TORONTO—Ricoh Canada Inc. has released an e-Invoice Presentment & Payment Service, a solution designed to help users gain new efficiencies through digital bills and invoices to their customers and suppliers.

Through the new service, customers can leverage Ricoh’s expertise in business process outsourcing, business information scanning centers and strategic partnerships to create a customized e-solution that integrates to their existing AP and AR processes. A mapping of their internal process means customers can transition easily from print through e-presentment and payment, achieving real and ongoing savings, Ricoh Canada said.

Common challenges such as resending misplaced or lost invoices, manually matching payments to past invoices, chasing down outstanding accounts and dealing with customer inquiries are addressed with Ricoh’s e-Invoice Presentment & Payment Service. The result: companies are able to receive payment faster, automate repetitive manual tasks, gain critical visibility into cash flow and reduce their environmental footprint, the company said.

“Leveraging the obvious savings associated with the adoption of a paper-free invoicing strategy is only the beginning,” says Eric Fletcher, VP of marketing for Ricoh Canada Inc. “Ricoh’s e-Invoice Presentment & Payment Service maps to existing customer processes, allowing companies to migrate to this versatile digital solution without reinventing their own proven workflows.”

The services allow organizations to present bills and invoices to their customers and suppliers by providing the tools and knowledge required to confidently automate accounts receivable and payable workflows, all while providing benefits previously only available to larger companies, said Ricoh.