Resolute Forest Products releases sustainability report

Report outlines Resolute's first company-wide sustainability strategy

November 1, 2012
by Purchasingb2b Online

MONTREAL—Resolute Forest Products has released its sustainability report for 2011, detailing efforts to balance environmental, social and economic considerations. The report also introduces Resolute’s first company-wide sustainability strategy which has three primary areas of focus:

  • Reinforce Resolute’s environmental credentials, taking appropriate steps to responsibly manage its environmental footprint;
  • Position the company as a competitive employer, attracting and retaining employees based on opportunities to quickly learn and grow within a dynamic organization; and
  • Build solid community relations in Resolute’s operating locations, recognizing that economically viable and involved companies support long-term regional prosperity.

“Over the past year, we have worked hard to deliver on the sustainability commitments we have made, and meaningful progress was achieved,” said Richard Garneau, the company’s president and CEO. “As we move forward and implement our new sustainability strategy, we recognize the value of engaging our employees and stakeholders in raising the bar on our sustainability performance.”

Key sustainability accomplishments outlined in the report include:

  • Becoming a member in the World Wildlife Fund’s prestigious Climate Savers program, which helps companies set and achieve ambitious emission reduction targets. In 2011, the Company reduced its GHG emissions by 6 percent from 2010 levels, a 62 percent decrease versus 2000 levels;
  • Increasing efforts to certify more company-managed woodlands operations through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Sustainable Forest Management standard;
  • Creating a management-level sustainability committee which prepared and is responsible for implementing Resolute’s new corporate sustainability strategy; and
  • Completing a major life-cycle assessment of the company’s eco-friendly family of papers in 2011. These papers were launched in 2012 under the Align brand name.

New and continuing sustainability commitments for Resolute include:

  • Increasing FSC forest certification of managed forests from 18 percent in 2010 to 80 percent by 2015. Resolute has now certified 51 percent of its forests to FSC standards;
  • Voluntarily reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project’s water disclosure program;
  • Achieving a 65 percent absolute reduction in scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2015 over the 2000 base year; and
  • Establishing information-sharing community groups by the end of 2013 at company operations as well as drafting a policy on First Nations relations in 2012.

Resolute’s sustainability report for 2011 performance was prepared using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 guidelines, which are endorsed by the United Nations Global Compact and used by over 1,000 organizations worldwide.