Recycling gets passing grade from B.C. auditor general

Room for improvement, but the program is performing well in some areas

November 11, 2016
The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press


VICTORIA—The auditor general says a full audit of recycling in British Columbia isn’t necessary because the program is working well.

In her latest report, Carole Bellringer says there is room for improvement, but the program is performing well in some areas.

Her report says those improvements include expanding access to recycling services throughout the province, ensuring compliance and greater financial transparency.

But Bellringer says the government is working on improvements and its progress will be monitored to determine if her office needs to do a further study of the program.

In B.C., those who make or sell products are responsible for recycling them to shift costs to producers and create a financial incentive for business to be more sustainable.

The program covers everything from paper and paint to batteries, tires, and beverage containers.

“Government has components of a well-managed program in place, but we want to give them time to pursue and implement their planned improvements,” Bellringer said in a statement on Thursday. “We’ll watch government’s progress to determine if we need to do further work in this area in the future.”