Propurchaser launches supply chain carbon calculator

Tool calculates range of carbon dioxide produced by products in the supply chain

January 9, 2012
by Purchasingb2b Staff

TORONTO: Online commodities tracking company has teamed up with UK-based Virescent Consultants Inc to build a new carbon tool to help members understand, measure and manage supply chain carbon. Through the tool, organizations can create a list of the major commodities used in the production of the products it buys and input rough amounts for each. The carbon tool then calculates the minimum and maximum amounts of carbon dioxide produced by those products in the supply chain.

From there, organizations’ can refine the estimate by inputting how much of each commodity is bought from each supplier. Then, supplier are asked to provide “carbon factors” for their products. A carbon factor is a ratio describing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted for each unit of raw material produced. For example, if a copper supplier has a carbon factor of 23, that means 23 tons of C02 are emitted for each ton of copper produced. If that information isn’t readily available from suppliers, the carbon calculator provides an online “wizard” to help. The output will be an estimate of the carbon factor (results from the wizards are approximate).

Propurchaser said it plans to develop the site further by adding commodities, refining data and improving functionality. Data for the service was collected from several different sources to construct carbon models of commodity production processes in different regions. They account for energy use, fuel types, transport and resource use. Propurchaser is currently beta testing the calculator and is offering Purchasingb2b readers a three-month free trial, in return for candid feedback. Those interested in trying the new resource, can click here and register (takes two minutes).