PMAC offers supply management training in Bermuda

June 20, 2011
Sandy MacIsaac


The Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC) has renewed a partnership with Bermuda College to offer courses and seminars in supply management.

Bermuda College will start to deliver the PMAC Supply Management Training (SMT) program beginning in September 2011. Students who complete the four technical courses and six business management and soft-skill seminars can apply for their Certificate in Supply Management from PMAC.

“This agreement will give Bermuda College the opportunity to enhance its offering to its students with comprehensive technical education in the supply chain management field,” said Cheryl Paradowski, president and CEO of PMAC. “PMAC, in turn, achieves international exposure to and recognition of its program.”

Courses include introductions to procurement, operations management, logistics and transportation. Seminars in the program consist of introductions to business communication, negotiations, contract law, accounting and financing and marketing.

Members of Bermuda’s government, police services, hospital, banking, utilities and telecommunications sectors have all taken PMAC courses and seminars. b2b