PMAC 2012: PMAC members weigh the issues

Brainstorming session covers several topics affecting members across Canada

June 7, 2012
by Michael Power

Local networking, access to RFP templates and boosting the visibility of PMAC and the SCMP were among the topics covered during a session entitled Your Voice Member Dialogue at the PMAC national conference. The seminar was set up as a brainstorming session for PMAC members (as well as some non-members) to discuss how the association could move forward to become a leading force in the profession. Members of the national board of directors attended and participated in the session.

The session started with the group discussing PMAC mission, which is to build leadership in supply chain management, as well as its vision of becoming the recognized authority for supply chain management. The association’s strategic plan consists of strengthening leadership in supply chain management and support supply chain management practice through education and resources. The organization is also looking to raise market awareness and understanding of the supply chain management as a professional area and to support PMAC members in doing their jobs.

Before breaking into groups, PMAC president and CEO Cheryl Paradowski provided members with discussion guidelines, including:

  • What should PMAC start doing/stop doing/keep doing to enhance the value of your membership?
  • How could we better engage members?
  • What is the biggest challenge you currently face at work and how could PMAC help you to address it? And
  • What’s the main reason that you’re a member of PMAC?

After wrapping up the brainstorming session, one group reported back that with Canada being such a large country, having meetings remained a challenge. And since not all members can attend the national conference, more local meetings would be of benefit. Also, members are faced with contracting issues so more information and resources like templates and sample contracts would be of benefit, the group said.

Another group brought up the issue of university equivalency for those entering the SCMP program. That’s different across the country, the group pointed out, suggesting that providing similar access would be beneficial. As well, the group suggested more marketing to companies by letting employers now about the association. Paradowski has been doing a tour across Canada to raise awareness of PMAC and highlight to companies what PMAC is all about, the group noted.

“That’s some excellent feedback and exactly the kind of things we’d like to hear from our members,” Paradowski told the group, noting that several of the issues raised were already on the association’s agenda. Templates, for example, were already a budgeted item for next year, and PMAC hopes to build a repository of them so members can also share them with each other.