New contracts for Horizon North Logistics Inc

Company to provide turnkey service for three-year contract to provide camp facilities

December 5, 2012
by PurchasingB2B Staff

CALGARY—Horizon North Logistics Inc has entered into a three-year contract to provide camp facilities for 368 people for the operator of a SAGD oil sands project near Fort McMurray, Alberta. Horizon said it will provide turnkey service in exchange for a fixed monthly rental rate for the camp equipment plus a daily charge for each occupied room. The contract calls for a minimum daily charge for 230 occupied rooms. The camp facilities are scheduled to be occupied in July 2013 and the expenditure to build and install the assets will be incurred by Horizon beginning in early 2013.

Horizon also said it recently entered into a contract for the sale of a new 300-person camp including accommodation, office and recreation facilities to a mining operator in northwestern BC. The value of the project, which includes design, manufacture, transportation and site installation, is about $10.5 million. Horizon will begin manufacturing the 90-unit project in Q4 2012 with installation scheduled to be done in mid-2013.