NeoGrid partners with Lett Insights on supply chain solutions

Partnership will allow manufacturers to monitor products listed on retailers’ e-commerce platforms

October 24, 2016
Michael Power
Photo: Thinkstock

Photo: Thinkstock

CHICAGO—NeoGrid, a technology provider of end-to-end supply chain management solutions, has partnered with startup, Lett Insights, to expand its supply chain expertise and product portfolio.

Through this partnership, NeoGrid said it’s able to offer consumer goods companies tools for monitoring products listed on retailers’ e-commerce platforms.

Based in Brazil, Lett Insights offers e-commerce intelligence, online channel auditing and price monitoring for consumer goods companies. Powered by Letts Insights, NeoGrid’s e-commerce solution gives manufacturers visibility into product availability, sales and inventory levels across various online channels. In addition, manufacturers can analyze and compare pricing from platform to platform.

The solution can also standardize information for a product across online sales channels. For example, if a manufacturer sells a brand of tomato sauce, it can track product details (such as name, image, description and nutritional table) on the e-commerce platforms where it is available.

Standardizing information reduces discrepancies among channels and ensures consistency for browsing consumers.

“In collaborating with Letts Insights, we are able to offer tools that give manufacturers complete insight into the products listed on e-commerce platforms, not just those on physical store shelves,”said Gilson Torii, COO, NeoGrid North America. “This is a vital capability, as e-commerce is a key piece of consumer goods companies’ business.”

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