MDA signs US$751K contract to monitor oil spills

Deal inked with Petroleos Mexicanos to monitor natural oil seeps and spills in Gulf of Mexico

August 29, 2011
by The Canadian Press

RICHMOND, B.C.: MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) has signed a US$751,000 contract with Petroleos Mexicanos to continue monitoring natural oil seeps and spills in the Gulf of Mexico. The contract, the fifth Pemex has signed with MDA since 2000, will use advanced Radarsat satellite data, MDA said.

The Radarsat data contains information to aid PEMEX in the exploration and development of its offshore oil production activities. MDA also provides analytical reports that identify clusters of naturally occurring oil slicks that represent positive indicators of present-day hydrocarbon generation and migration. PEMEX has also been using Radarsat data operationally for the environmental monitoring of oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico for over a decade.

“Pemex represents one of the world’s largest oil companies,” said Dave Hargreaves, an MDA vice-president. “Their ongoing and expanding work with MDA is a great endorsement of our level of service and the value Pemex receives from the information products MDA delivers.”

MDA, known for its robotic and satellite technology, provides commercial and government customers, including defence, security and space agencies, with services ranging from space robotics, satellite information and payload systems to earth observation, surveillance intelligence and environmental monitoring.