Logistics company SCI partners with clothing retailer

SCI to provide supply chain retail distribution services to the retail client Amoena

January 26, 2017
Purchasing B2B

TORONTO—Global specialty apparel and medical devices distributor Amoena has partnered with SCI, a Canadian 3PL logistics company, for supply chain services and retail store distribution.

The high-end specialty lingerie for post-surgery breast care will be shipped from SCI’s distribution centre to 600 retail stores across Canada including Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom, and Shoppers Home Health Care.

SCI provides logistics service to the retailer in its distribution centre located in Mississauga, ON. The facility is a part of SCI’s “campus” of retail distribution centres that are home to other retail clients, including causal wear, luxury apparel and accessories.

“SCI implemented an efficient solution for us and this set us up for a greater success in 2017,” said Tammy Dalton, logistics manager at Amoena. “It is great to know that your supply chain is effective and can support growth.”

The retailer’s product is picked by individual units to ensure its unimpaired condition. SCI provides same day shipping for orders placed before 2pm and pre-retail value added services such as labeling and relabeling, repackaging, packaging, asset tagging (barcoding), and retail store returns.