Loblaw greening seafood procurement

May 22, 2009
by Purchasingb2b staff

Brampton, Ont.—Loblaw Companies Ltd. (Brampton, Ont.) has decided to source all seafood sold in its retail locations from sustainable sources by the end of 2013. The commitment covers all canned, frozen, fresh, wild and farmed seafood products, in all categories, according to the grocer.

"The world’s oceans are facing an unprecedented crisis," said Galen G. Weston, executive chairman, Loblaw Companies Ltd. "Loblaw is determined to think differently about how it sources seafood and to work in collaboration with the fishing industry and environmentalists to seek sustainable alternatives…"

The company plans to develop a procurement practice focusing on responsible sourcing in every category. It requires greater protection of aquatic habitats and more attention to careful harvesting. The policy also calls for the phasing-out of unsustainable supply where it can’t be demonstrably improved.

"This initiative is one of the most ambitious and comprehensive steps we have seen from a grocery retailer in Canada, and indeed the world," said Gerald Butts, president and CEO of WWF-Canada. "We look forward to working with Loblaw to help them achieve the commitments laid out in their policy.

In 2006, Loblaw developed five pillars of corporate social responsibility: respect the environment; source with integrity; make a positive difference in our community; reflect our nation’s diversity; and be a great place to work.