Ivalua manages expenses and contracts for Michelin

The group will use Ivalua Buyer V7 to manage its supplier database

November 30, 2012
by Purchasingb2b Staff

Redwood City, CA—Tire supplier Michelin Group has gotten Ivalua Buyer V7 to manage its expenses and contracts. The group will use Ivalua Buyer V7 to manage its supplier database, along with their 5000 contracts and 5 million invoices a year across 55 countries.

“The ergonomical, user-friendly interface, along with the easy configurability of Ivalua Buyer V7 strongly appealed to us,” said Georges Cailleaud, IT project manager for Michelin Group. “The complete analysis of our expenses, monitoring of our suppliers and the collaborative management of our contracts will provide a clear vision for the management of our purchases. This will enable us to use a single shared and streamlined tool at the Enterprise level.”

Ivalua is a software vendor for e-procurement solutions. Its Ivalua Buyer V7 software suite covers purchasing processes, from supplier relationship management to spend analysis, as well as e-sourcing, e-procurement and invoice management. The company has deployed over 100 projects in large international corporations.