Houston Metro awards New Flyer subsidiary contract for 265 Transit Buses

The contract consists of a firm order for 265 new 40-foot buses through 2016

September 18, 2013
by PurchasingB2B Staff

WINNIPEG—New Flyer Industries Inc. has announced that the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Houston, TX has awarded NABI Bus, LLC, a subsidiary of New Flyer, a contract for 265 NABI 40-foot transit buses with clean diesel and compressed natural gas propulsion systems.

Metro chose NABI’s 40-LFW model, which is a rugged, utilitarian bus with recently restyled front mask and rooftop enclosure based on a proven structure with approximately 4,500 having been manufactured over the past 15 years. The LFW’s structure is available using either carbon steel or optional stainless steel materials. Since the LFW was introduced in 1998 about 1,600 have been produced using the stainless steel structure.

“This Metro award is a great example of opportunity associated with our recent acquisition of NABI,” said Paul Soubry, president and CEO of New Flyer. “With more than 900 buses delivered to Metro by New Flyer since 1996, these NABI stainless steel buses are a fantastic complement to New Flyer’s overall product line. All 265 buses produced for Metro will utilize the stainless steel structure due to Houston’s coastal environment.”

The contract consists of a firm order for 265 new 40-foot buses through 2016. Delivery of 40 diesel buses will take place in the summer of 2014; then a mixture of 45 diesel buses and 80 CNG buses will be delivered in 2015; with 100 additional CNG buses to be delivered in 2016. All buses will be manufactured at NABI’s Anniston, AL facility.