Handle with care—September print edition

Products to protect employees from hazardous materials

November 30, 2012
by Purchasing b2b staff

Whether it’s respiratory, eye or skin damage from hazardous vapours, gases, particulates, splash or physical contact with harmful substances, exposure to such hazardous materials (hazmat) can pose risks to employees. Fortunately, there’s a variety of protective equipment and clothing to help protect against potentially harmful substances. Here is a sampling of some recently released equipment and apparel to help keep employees safe.

Breath easy
From Gateway Safety comes the PeakFit N95 respirator, developed to address common respirator complaints like discomfort, poor fit and breathing difficulty. Gateway said that PeakFit features a large, contoured shape with ample coverage to ease breathing and reduce fatigue. Dual adjustable cloth head straps help wearers customize the fit to keep the mask in place. The molded, cushioned nose bridge fits most faces without a metal bridge piece. PeakFit is a NIOSH-approved, N95 air-purifying respirator that’s available in three versions: original PeakFit (filtration against aerosols free of oils below permissible exposure limit, or PEL); PeakFit OV (additional filtration against aerosols free of organic vapors below PEL); and PeakFit AG (additional filtration against aerosols free of organic vapours and acid gases below PEL).

As well, Magid Glove & Safety has recently launched its first P95 respirator, the Magid Precision Safety Disposable IR1970P95 respirator. This NIOSH 42 CFR-approved P95 respirator filters at least 95-percent of airborne particles and protects against certain oil and non-oil based particles while providing nuisance relief from acid gas and organic vapours. The respirator features an adjustable nosepiece and face seal for comfort, the company said. It has two latex-free, ultra-sonic sealed headbands to preserve structural integrity and prevent tears and holes from forming in the respirator.

From MSA comes the Advantage 420 respirator, which is adjustable according to individual needs. Testing against the proposed new NIOSH fit-test panel shows that the AnthroCurve II face-seal design adapts to different head sizes and facial contours, said the company. Meanwhile, the patent-pending UniBond face piece helps to eliminate leak paths while the textured sealing surface reduces face piece slippage in hot, humid conditions.

Suit up
From Lakeland comes heavy-duty chemical splash protection in the form of the ChemMax line of clothing. This line can be used in environments where hazardous or non-hazardous contaminants may be present, according to the company. The ChemMax 4 is at the top of the ChemMax line. The suits feature a six-layer protective barrier that the company says will stand up to the toughest hazardous chemical environments. The suits come in tan, yellow and dark green.

Lakeland also offers Nitrosol Nitrile gloves, which the company says provide protection when exposed to solvents like petroleum, aromatic, caustics and fatty acids in food service applications. The gloves offer snag, puncture, abrasion and cut resistance and are case hardened to increase wear and chemical resistance. Diamond patterns improve wet grip. The gloves, which come in various thicknesses and lengths, suit functions like janitorial, degreasing, electronics, petrochemicals, refining and handling solvents like alcohols, acids and caustics.

For hand protection, Showa Best Glove offers the Cannonball, a glove with high-grade PVC coating for chemical resistance, wear and flexibility. Featuring a non-slip wet grip, the gloves suit abrasive chemical applications and are designed to handle slick, abrasive materials, said the company. They offer protection against substances including acids, caustics, solvents, grease and oil. The glove is suitable for fields such as manufacturing, refineries, construction, fuel handling and machining.