H2O lands wastewater contracts

These new contracts bring the corporation's projects sales backlog to $42.2 million

October 6, 2016
Purchasing B2B

QUEBEC CITY—H2O Innovation Inc.has been awarded five new contracts in Canada: in Nunavut, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec respectively, as well as two new contracts in the US. These new contracts bring the corporation’s projects sales backlog to $42.2 million, included in the $99.1 million consolidated backlog.

The first contract was awarded by a leading company in the mining industry. The corporation will provide a potable water system and wastewater treatment system, each treating 39.63 gpm (216 m3/day) for a 400-person workers’ camp in Nunavut.

This wastewater system will use the corporation’s containerized membrane bioreactor (CMBR) process combining the use of advanced biological processes and submerged membranes.

The second project is with an important oil company from Alberta, for an ultrafiltration system that will produce 550.36 gpm (3000 m3/day) of potable water.

This system will feed the steam generator as well as act as the pre-treatment to their existing nanofiltration (NF) plant.

The remaining five contracts are municipal and industrial contracts.