General Dynamics gets $1 billion to upgrade LAV III vehicles

The upgrade project is set to modernize 550 vehicles

October 24, 2011
by Purchasing b2b staff

EDMONTON-LONDON: The Canadian Government has awarded a contract worth CN$1 billion to General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada to incorporate a comprehensive upgrade package into the Canadian Army’s fleet of LAV III combat vehicles. The upgrade project will modernize 550 vehicles, the government said,  enhancing their mobility, survivability and firepower while extending the fleet’s lifecycle to 2035.

Survivability upgrades will include introducing double-V-hull technology, developed by General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada engineers, as well as add-on armour protection and energy-attenuating seats. These improvements will provide crew members greater protection against mine blasts, IEDs and other threats, the government said.

The upgrades represent the latest armoured-vehicle technologies developed by General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada’s engineers and its Canada-wide supplier base. Much work will be done at General Dynamics’ facilities in London, Ontario, and Edmonton, as well as the company’s network of over 400 Canadian suppliers. The work is expected to wrap up in 2017.

“Canadian soldiers need the best tools for the job and deserve the best protection we can give them,” said Danny Deep, vice-president of General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada. “This contract will enhance the LAV III fleet’s survivability, operational capability and long-term performance through the addition of cutting-edge technologies. It will also provide much-needed job stability throughout Canada’s high-value defence sector.”

The LAV III’s automotive performance, handling and payload capacity will be boosted by mobility system upgrades such as a more powerful engine, more robust driveline and suspension and a height management system (HMS). The 25mm turret’s crew ergonomics will be improved by incorporating larger hatches, and its capabilities will be enhanced by the addition of the latest technologies, including improved fire control, thermal, day and low-light sights, and data displays.