Fleet cuts emissions with biodiesel

July 21, 2010
by Purchasingb2b Staff

Rothsay Biodiesel has earned the praise of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) for its effective use of its own made-in-Canada biodiesel.

Rothsay—which is a division of Maple Leaf Foods Inc—has been fuelling its fleets of vehicles with biodiesel blends. The biodiesel is made by converting animal fats and recycled cooking oils into an environmentally sustainable alternative fuel.

According to Rothsay, using the biodiesel reduced its carbon output by approximately 700 metric tonnes in 2009—the equivalent of removing roughly 130 cars from the road.

Currently, there are 137 trucks in the fleet program. In 2009, these vehicles consumed more than 2.3 million litres of biodiesel blends and travelled a total of 5.4 million kilometres at an average blend rate of 9.2 percent. No mechanical issues or mileage drops were reported.

“Rothsay’s on-road fleet experience is proof of the positive benefits of blending biodiesel in Canada,” said CRFA Chair Doug Hooper. “In everyday use and all weather conditions, Rothsay’s biodiesel delivered top performance and, importantly, reduced the harmful greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and smog that is associated with fossil diesel use.”