EcoLogo releases revised standard

New standard to make it easier for purchasers to support renewable low-impact electricity products

November 17, 2010
by Purchasing b2b staff

The EcoLogo Program, a third-party, multi-attribute eco-labeling program, has released its standard for renewable low-impact electricity products.

The newly revised standard is set to help change the way greener electricity is defined across Canada.

The standard is also expected to help the top environmental performers in the electricity sector receive the recognition they deserve, explained EcoLogo executive director, Dr. Angela Griffiths.

What’s different

Under the revised standard, the availability of certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) and bundled electricity will make it easier for consumers and purchasers to support renewable low-impact electricity products, with the aim of growing the market over time.

Bundled renewable low-impact electricity and RECs recognized in the revised standard can be derived from the following generation technologies: biogas-fuelled electricity, biomass-fuelled electricity, solar-powered electricity, wind-powered electricity, and hydro-powered electricity.

And new additions to the revised EcoLogo Renewable Low-Impact Electricity Products standard are geothermal, tidal and wave-powered electricity.


EcoLogo says the benefits of renewable, low-impact electricity products include:

• the displacement of non-renewable fuels with renewable, more sustainable fuel sources;
• lower air emissions that contribute to climate change, smog, acid rain and air-borne particulate pollution;
• the reduction of solid wastes arising from both the mining and extraction of non-renewable fuel sources, and the disposal of toxic metal emissions and nuclear wastes; and
• the reduction of impacts on ecosystems from electricity generating activities.

The Global Ecolabelling Network, an international association of eco-labeling programs, has approved the EcoLogo as meeting the ISO 14024 standard. Formed in 1988 by the federal government, EcoLogo is now managed by TerraChoice.