Ecologo launches printing and inks standards review

Organization will work with stakeholders on revised standards

April 19, 2011
by Purchasing b2b staff

OTTAWA: EcoLogo Program is looking for input in revising a set of printing and ink environmental standards.

EcoLogo said it will be working with stakeholders to revise the standards for lithographic printing services, digital printing services and inks with the goal of issuing new versions later this year.

“There is a tremendous amount of green innovation taking place within the printing and ink industries,” says Angela Griffiths, executive director of the EcoLogo Program. “EcoLogo is working toward revising the program’s printed products and inks standards so that environmental leaders can be recognized for their part in helping to improve air quality, conserve resources, and reduce toxic emissions.”

The revised standards for printed products will include criteria related to environmental and health impacts of products from commercial printers, print shops and printing offices; energy and materials consumption; volatile organic compounds (VOC), greenhouse gas and air emissions; waste produced or diverted; and water quality and conservation.

Stakeholders will help define the scope of the review, receive progress updates and can comment on the standard. They can also apply to be part of the advisory committee that will propose recommendations to the EcoLogo Program.