Datacard Group lands contract with Passport Canada

Datacard Group selected to provide the passport personalization equipment as well as a secure thin film overlay used to protect passport variable data.

November 1, 2013
by PurchasingB2B Staff

MINNETONKA, Minn—Datacard Group, a secure ID and card personalization solutions provider, have been selected by Canadian Bank Note Company Limited (CBN), a leader in secure documents and systems, to deliver passport printer technology to Passport Canada (PPTC) for the issuance of highly secure citizen passports.

As the contract holder, CBN is the organization responsible for the design and development of the overall technical solution including the personalization software, cryptographic components and the design and manufacture of the next generation electronic passport. Datacard Group said it was selected to provide the passport personalization equipment for both central issuance and regional issuance as well as a secure thin film overlay with innovative overt and covert security elements used to protect variable data on passports.

By utilizing the Datacard and CBN solutions, PPTC can securely issue over four million passports per year, and offer citizens six passport types, including e-passports for enhanced security.

“Canadian officials wanted to integrate advanced technologies, enhance their overall issuance process, and incorporate more security to deter against threats,” said Michael Berman, VP and general manager, Public Sector North America for Datacard Group. “The complete Datacard and CBN solution gives them multiple levels of security that directly addresses the escalating need to prevent fraud and identity theft, and ensures low total cost of ownership.”

For central issuance, PPTC will be utilizing the Datacard PB6500 passport issuance system, which is an automated inline high-volume passport production system that offers a flexible, modular design. This enables organizations to start with the most cost-effective configuration for their program, then incorporate new technologies as they become available and as needs change. In addition, the system offers Level 1, 2 and 3 security features for passports and e-passports and can handle a complete line of personalization technologies, multi-level hardware, software and data security.