Companies lack knowledge of carbon accounting: survey

Survey compiled responses from nearly 1,000 companies worldwide

January 26, 2012
by Purchasing b2b staff

LIVERMORE, CA: Epicor Software Corporation, a provider of business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, has released the results of its first global carbon accounting survey. According to the survey, most companies still lag in their comprehension of carbon accounting.

The survey, conducted by Epicor last year, looked at the ability and willingness of companies to identify their greenhouse gas emissions; find out how they capture emissions; and show the extent to which companies must meet legal requirements for sustainability and what demands they meet from partners and customers. Carbon accounting refers to the process of measuring the amounts of carbon dioxide equivalents emitted by an organization.

The survey compiled responses from nearly 1,000 companies worldwide. The majority (48 percent) of respondents were from manufacturing organizations. Most (42 percent) respondents were from organizations with 100 to 1,000 employees and organizations with $50 million in annual revenue, or less (43 percent).

The survey revealed that 58 percent of companies surveyed had not heard the term “carbon accounting,” that less than a quarter could accurately describe what the term means and 80 percent of companies surveyed don’t monitor their company’s carbon footprint.

The survey also showed that although a company’s CEO is the most likely person to be responsible for a company’s green strategy, 50 percent of companies surveyed don’t have any C-level involvement in their carbon accounting initiatives, while 85 percent can’t report the level of carbon their company has consumed in each of the last six months. Nearly 70 percent believe they accurately account for less than 25 percent of their company’s carbon consumption.