City of Edmonton goes sustainable

February 24, 2010
by Purchasingb2b Staff

The City of Edmonton has announced that it has adopted a Sustainable Purchasing Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct.

The decision came about when City officials decided to look beyond securing the most cost-effective transactions. They discovered that, with new policies, they could also bring about environmental and social improvements (both locally and globally) while maximizing economic benefits.

Sustainable Purchasing Policy

The new Sustainable Purchasing Policy provides a framework for purchasing decision-making that is meant to support the City’s strategic goals of preserving and sustaining Edmonton’s environment while diversifying and strengthening its economy.

It will do this by:

•   embedding environmental and ethical criteria into the City’s purchasing procedures and supply chain management processes;

•   identifying and setting specifications for goods and services that achieve environmental benefits such as increased energy efficiency, reduced toxicity and pollution, carbon neutrality, zero waste and other environmental attributes, wherever possible;

•    using the International Labour Organization’s core labour conventions, Canadian laws and other applicable environmental and ethical guidelines to set reasonable minimum standards for suppliers when it comes to fair labour practices and human rights;

•    rewarding leadership and innovation among suppliers who contribute to healthy, fair and safe workplaces and practice environmental stewardship;

•    adhering to the principles of public procurement by continuing to support a process that is open, fair, transparent and competitive while complying with all applicable trade agreements such as the Agreement on Internal Trade and the Trade, Investment and Labour Motility Agreement;

•    striving to reduce the overall consumption of goods and services where possible; and

•    advancing a corporate culture at the City that recognizes and places a priority on sustainability.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The City’s new Supplier Code of Conduct sets the minimum performance standards for suppliers and their subcontractors. It and supports the Sustainable Purchasing Policy.

Its goal is to ensure safe and healthy workplaces for the people who provide goods, construction and services for the City, and to ensure human and civil rights conditions meet internationally agreed-upon standards as embodied in the many conventions of the International Labour Organization.

The Supplier Code of Conduct also requires that suppliers strive to reduce or eliminate the negative environmental effects of the goods and services they provide to the City.

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