Cascades expands recycling business

September 24, 2009
by Purchasingb2b staff

Kingsey Falls, Que.—Cascades Inc. has bought the Canadian assets of Sonoco Recycling, and the recovery assets of US-based Yorkshire Paper Corp. Both companies collect recyclable materials such as corrugated containers, paper and plastics from the retail sector.

The deals were conducted by Metro Waste Paper Recovery Inc., a subsidiary of Cascades. Once completed, the acquisitions will allow Metro Waste to increase its waste collection capacity by 20 percent, or 1.4 million tonnes per year.

The company plans to grow its business in Canada and the northeastern US. It’s aiming to achieve zero-waste targets by collecting more materials from retailers coast-to-coast. Those materials will be used to supply Cascades mills and other customers.

"Recycled fibres represent more than two-thirds of the raw material used by Cascades,” said Mario Plourde, president and COO of Cascades Specialty Products Group. “The acquisitions will therefore help to further ensure a steady supply of raw material to Cascades’ mills, while providing more room to grow in the development of environmentally sustainable products.”

Cascades’ 19 recovery facilities already supply more than half of the recycled fibre used at its manufacturing mills. The company manufactures packaging and tissue products produced mainly from recycled fibres.