Canadian Navy chooses Survitec submarine escape suits

Navy upgrading its existing equipment with the new MK11 variant

March 19, 2012
by Purchasing b2b staff

LONDON: Survitec Group has secured a new contract to supply its MK11 Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment (SEIE) to The Royal Canadian Navy, which issued a single source tender to Survitec Group. The Canadian fleet will upgrade its existing RFD Beaufort MK10 equipment with the new SEIE MK11 variant and has also purchased a full accompaniment of training suits, said Survitec Group. The RFD Beaufort MK11 SEIE is part of a more extensive range of Submarine Escape and Immersion Equipment offered by the Survitec Group.

“We are extremely proud to supply our Submarine Escape and Immersion Equipment to the Royal Canadian Navy,” said Chris Pugh-Bevan, submarine escape and survival manager at Survitec Group. “We will continue to focus our research and design efforts into SEIE to ensure we maintain our status as world leaders.”

Designed to provide protection for submariners from a stricken submarine, Survitec’s products include single skinned suits with integrated life rafts, escape jerkins, inflatable abandonment suits, external submarine life raft systems and freeboard extenders.