BioteQ secures gold mine contract

Testing and evaluation work set to improve gold yields and enhance environmental performance

July 4, 2012
by Purchasing b2b staff

VANCOUVER: Industrial wastewater treatment company BioteQ Environmental Technologies, Inc has landed a contract with an international gold mining company to perform test work for a potential project at a goldmine. The work, which includes onsite testing and evaluation of the suitability of a process called SART, is expected to be complete by August of this year.

The SART process (sulphidization-acidification-recycle-thickening) is an technology for copper-complexed gold deposits that can remove interference caused by cyanide-soluble base metals and regenerate cyanide for recycle to the gold operation. SART can improve gold yields, reduce processing costs and enhance environmental performance of gold mining operations.

“We are pleased to secure a contract for SART test work, further strengthening BioteQ’s reputation as a leader in SART design and drawing on our core competencies in sulphide precipitation,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, BioteQ’s CEO.