Avendra honours top suppliers

May 17, 2010
by Purchasingb2b Staff

Avendra, a procurement services provider for the hospitality industry, has recognized 49 suppliers for outstanding performance on the company’s 2009 Meet the Truck audits.

Meet the Truck audits are Avendra’s way of ensuring that food and beverage deliveries made by contracted suppliers meet a wide range of requirements. In 2009, the company’s quality assurance team conducted 692 audits at 225 customer locations, including hotels, golf clubs, airports, colleges and restaurants.

The process involves an Avendra quality assurance professional co-ordinating a site visit at a customer location on a day that customer is expecting multiple supplier deliveries. The suppliers are not informed of the planned audit. At the time of delivery, Avendra rates suppliers on their:

• order fulfillment;
• trailer;
• load;
• product integrity; and
• overall performance.

All criteria are equally evaluated. Suppliers that do not receive a perfect score are provided with feedback to help them improve.

Another level of oversight

Ed Thompson, vice-president of quality assurance, explains that the Meet the Truck program is a critical part of the company’s whole approach to supply chain management.

The company already uses several checkpoints throughout the lifecycle of a product; in 2009, the company conducted 481 supplier audits at its manufacturers’ and distributors’ facilities. Meet the Truck offers another level of oversight at the customer’s loading dock, says Thompson.

“We want to make sure the distribution process is working properly,” says Thompson. “Is the order complete? Did the truck show up when it was supposed to? Was the truck in the condition it should be? Was the driver professional and were products unloaded properly? This extra effort helps ensure customers get what they ordered, at the quality level and in the timeframe they expect.” 

To receive a Meet the Truck Award from Avendra, suppliers must participate in four or more audits in a 12-month period and receive an average score of at least 95 percent.

Of the 900 suppliers Avendra contracts with, 173 received scores of 90 percent or better.