Aqsaqniq Airways, Medic North Nunavut sign five-year contract

Air ambulance service deal worth over $30 million

December 14, 2011
by Purchasing b2b staff

YELLOWKNIFE: Aqsaqniq Airways Ltd has been selected by the Government of Nunavut to supply air ambulance services in the Kitikmeot Region. The service will be provided along with Medic North Nunavut, a majority Inuit-owned partnership between the Kitikmeot Corporation and Advanced Medical Solutions Inc (formerly Medic North Emergency Services Ltd). The five-year contract is expected to be worth over $30 million. Aqsaqniq Airways is the majority Inuit-owned partnership with Air Tindi Ltd, a subsidiary of Discovery Air Inc.

“With our partners Medic North Nunavut, we have the expertise to handle a contract of this scale and the dedication to ensure we do so in a way that delivers the maximum benefit to Kitikmeot residents and all Nunavummiut,” said Air Tindi president Chuck Parker.

Through the contract, the partnership group will establish an operating location in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, the regional and administrative hub for the Kitikmeot Region. A hangar has been constructed and it will be fully operational by December 15. Eventually Aqsaqniq Airways will have a dedicated, medevac purpose-built Learjet 35A based in Cambridge Bay that is equipped to land on and take off from the gravel runways of the Kitikmeot communities.