AJB Software Design beefs up security in payment processing suite

Company says solution provides increased security

March 27, 2012
by Purchasing b2b staff

TORONTO & ATLANTA: Payment solutions provider AJB Software Design Inc has integrated First Data Corporation’s TransArmor data security solution into its payment processing application suite, which the Mississauga-based company says provides users with stronger security with payment card acceptance. E-commerce and payment processing company First Data’s solution enables end-to-end encryption with the option of tokenization, from card swipe to formatting and routing of data to the financial institution. Users can use a multi-layered security solution that eliminates clear-text cardholder data and other sensitive data elements from the retail environment, accommodating closely-related actions including reconciliation, chargebacks and loyalty awards.

AJB’s payment processing suite includes Flexible Integrated Payment System (FIPay) and Retail Transaction Switch (RTS). The FIPay application is responsible for integrating the PIN pad device into First Data’s TransArmor solution. RTS is a transaction switch that provides real-time authorization for TransArmor transactions. With TransArmor, after the payment is authorized sensitive payment card data is replaced with a non-sensitive, random token number that preserves the value of card data for business operations but removes cardholder or transaction information that criminals might find useful.

“With our TransArmor solution, we have set a new industry standard in data security, replacing payment card data with a randomly assigned number, called a ‘token’,” said Tim Horton, VP of merchant product management, First Data. “It minimizes risk by providing better security to the merchant’s environment and reducing the scope of PCI compliance; and it allows AJB users to seamlessly and securely use the token for other business and sales functions such as returns, sales reports and analysis.”

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