3M Canada gets ISO 50001 Enterprise Level certified

Certification will help 3M Canada further improve its energy efficiency and protect the environment

January 3, 2017
Michael Power

LONDON, ON—3M Canada has become the first organization in Canada to receive ISO 50001 Enterprise Level Certification, the company said, as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, including energy management initiatives to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions.

This milestone comes after two more 3M Canada facilities received their ISO 50001 certifications earlier this year—a manufacturing plant in Morden, Manitoba (the first ISO 50001 certification in the province) and a commercial building in Montreal, joining four other 3M Canada facilities already certified.

“The enterprise certification allows us to better coordinate the various energy management initiatives we already had in place that are helping us significantly reduce our energy use and the effects on the environment,” said Andrew Hejnar, 3M Canada’s energy manager. “ISO 50001 ensures that we have a very structured system in place that touches all aspects of our operations and allows us to replicate good ideas from one facility to the others.”

3M notes that it was an early adopter of the ISO 50001 standard, with its Brockville, Ontario tape plant receiving one of the first certifications in North America, along with Superior Energy Performance (SEP) platinum certification, in 2011. Since then, 3M Canada facilities in London, Ontario and Perth, Ontario have been ISO 50001 certified, while the company’s Personal Safety Division plant in Brockville is expected to achieve ISO 50001 and SEP certification early next year.

The effects of certification can be dramatic, says Hejnar, who notes that facilities which have implemented ISO 50001 have achieved energy savings that are, on average, 25 percent greater than other 3M facilities with energy management systems but are not yet certified. In the case of the company’s Brockville tape plant, energy costs were reduced by $350,000 in the first two years after certification.

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