Sliding side fairing wins innovation award

Aerofficient Slider wins Frost & Sullivan recognition

Aerofficient has won the Frost & Sullivan 2012 North American Trailer Aerodynamics New Product Innovation Award for its Aerofficient Slider, a side-fairing that automatically expands and contracts when the trailer’s wheel assemblies are moved forward and aft.

According to the Frost & Sullivan researchers, “Aerofficient’s innovative Slider technology will be a game-changer, a solution which the trailer aerodynamic market has not seen before.”

Also, “fixed-side fairings have been proven to save money, but the Slider technology enhances the trailer even further…Through lab and fleet testing, Aerofficient’s Slider technology achieved an extraordinary increase in fuel savings of up to 80 percent in zero wind conditions with a trailer setting of 41ft, compared to only having a standard side fairing installed. Fleets can expect to see an approximately seven percent boost in fuel economy compared to only using a fixed-side fairing, which provides on average three to five percent in fuel savings. Moreover, this boost in fuel economy results in a ROI payback for Aerofficient’s Slider projected to be only one year.”

“Aerofficient is all about customer ROI, so when an independent research firm with the standards of Frost & Sullivan says our products are better than our competitors’ because they yield superior savings and are more durable, it is a validation of our efforts and approach,” said Jim Reiman, Aerofficient CEO.