NAFA makes pickup report available to members

Cost information for light-duty trucks

From the November-December 2012 Fleet Management print edition

NAFA has made available to its members a comprehensive report on light-duty pickup trucks.

The Light-Duty Pickup Report is the second report from Utilimarc to be made available at no cost to NAFA members. The report includes data on the total average annual cost for light-duty pickups; operating costs per mile (net fuel); average annual internal technician labour hours per 1,000 miles driven; average annual miles driven; and more. This data would normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for an organization.

Benchmarking data, especially that which is often complex in its very nature, is extremely important for fleet managers. Utilimarc is a consulting group that offers internal and external fleet benchmarking, electronic reporting, and electronic analytical tools for large diverse fleets. Its data analysis helps fleet managers develop fleet performance awareness and validate fleet effectiveness.

The Utilimarc methodology helps enhance fleet operations by allowing the user to compare performance internally between departments or agencies or externally to their peers by measuring important data such as equipment age, mechanic wages, vehicle utilization, and more. The data helps the user develop electronic reports such as cost per mile, underutilized equipment, and operating costs, while formulating the ideal lifecycle modeling.