Sourcing and procurement trend report details 2013 trends

Report from GEP offers tips to maximize savings

CLARK, NJ—The year 2013 promises to be an exciting one for procurement and supply chain professionals as leading enterprises worldwide will rely heavily on cost-control measures to sustain profitability and long-term growth—with the same dynamic influencing sourcing strategies in the public, government and non-profit sectors. That’s from a new report from GEP, a global provider of procurement services and software.

“With growth in the global economy expected to remain relatively anemic this year, procurement will play an increasingly critical role in helping companies achieve their core financial and business targets,” said Subhash Makhija , CEO of GEP. “Our latest trend report highlights eight procurement trends that we believe will have the biggest impact on the coming year and provides a market outlook of eight broad categories that can be leveraged to maximize savings in 2013.”

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Outlook 2013 details eight key trends impacting sourcing and procurement professionals and organizations while forecasting the direction of eight spend categories.